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The name is provided that the cable on this item. There are numerous versions of this Shark Rotator 3 in 1 Vacuum and I moved together with the Rotator NV522 due to the attachments and testimonials. This version includes the tools I want the most:

Like the majority of the other versions, the Shark Rotator Lift Away Pro, includes a sizable dusting brush, big turbo brush and a crevice tool, also.

The subsequent 3 in 1 vacuum attribute you will find extremely helpful is your wheeled caddy. You may plop the canister on it and then use the nozzle (doubles as the vertical handle) and Gently brush head to readily get under furniture in which copious quantities of cookie cutters, cereal, and puppy hair collect in my property. The canister is truly good-sized about the Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum, therefore in this dirty abode I don’t even need to empty the canister after each use.

From the vertical vacuum manner you are really going to enjoy the ergonomic handle and swivel head layout should you vacuum just like me with a single hand, and a child in the opposite. My old vacuum was very difficult to maneuver around the sofa and tight corners so that I enjoy the maneuverability of the version.

The Shark Rotator 3 1 gets the maximum attachment/tools of the Shark Rotator versions. I picked it due to the furry brush and the oh, so convenient angled beneath blower batter that sucks up all of the sugarsprinkles, and chocolate chips which wind up there since I am the baking queen. Rather than being required to pre-sweep that things from under the cupboard doors until I vacuum, I simply attach that and, woosh, all of the gunk is gone. The pet brush actually works to find the puppy ‘s hair off the couch and from the carpeting. The roller isn’t hard to wash out the strands which has wrapped about it, also.

The 18-inch crevice tool is also a fantastic attachment I utilize a lot. It will reach between the washer and dryer where plenty of fuzzy stuff collects and I will use it to wash between the chairs in our vehicle.

If you would like to spare a little money and also don ‘t want as many bells and whistles you may think about that the NV501 that’s the most elementary version. The vacuum is exactly the same but it comes with the elastic crevice and multi-angle tools.

The attachments are easy to use and using washable filters which you can see, it’s not difficult to keep clean. To empty the canister only hold down it in the garbage can, push on a button which releases the underside and shake all of the stuff from it.

When studying Shark Rotator vacuum testimonials I didn’t find a good deal of disgruntled owners that returned . I’m careful not to tug the nozzle or over-extend that, though. Having a 30-foot long power cord I will vacuum the majority of the ground floor without needing to transfer sockets.